Having a good time at Regina's ferrata

Today is cloudy and all is wet, "let's climb something easy..."

We will spend 5 hours in this ferrata but we can leave it when we want.
There is a lot of ways out during it.

The first part it's really wet and slippery 

Arriving at this part, the wind has dried all the steps and we decided to continue.

 The second part starts with the nepalese bridge

We all hate this and we pass it very slowly and saying nothing.

At the beginning of the third part, the vultures are waiting for us...

Liza is a little bit tired and she stay waiting for us at this point

sorry mate, we disturb ya?

Amazing views

A little bit haaaarder!!

Dude! I don't remember that this part was so looooong...

Arriving at the top and returning to Liza's point!

A Happy Liza in the way back

And, this is what we did!

By the way, I'm not nuts!

Liza comes from Australia and is because of that I write in Shakespeare's language.

See ya, pals



  1. Oh yeah, you're nuts, poor Liza is not to blame for that. And let's hope Shakespeare never gets up from his grave, we would send him back there with our mastery of the English language.
    I'm being silly 'cos too much sugar is not good for you but, JUST for once, I'll say it: I LOVE YOUR BLOG :-)

  2. Awesome job dude! (And don't listen to Roma he's nuttier than a fruit cake lol ; )

  3. I Know, I know, my english looks more like "Sitting bull"

  4. Liza did an amazing job once we managed to convice her that the little blue thing IS NOT A PURSE and MUST BE WORN IN THE HEAD instead of hanging on her elbow :-P
    You're English sounds good to me (look who's talking), mate, and you'll get some more practice soon because that lovely sheila wants to repeat it.


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